Mark Arenz is an editor & developer based in Indianapolis, IN, with clients around the world.

Everything from broadcast and b2b video productions to iOS apps and web projects - Mark makes stuff.


It was the dumbest idea I ever had, clearly a bone-headed concept from top to bottom. I had to build it.

It's a social network built entirely around colors. You post colors, message other users with color, and even search in terms of colors. Users can upload photos (or take photos on their phones in the mobile version) and Swatchity reduces it to a color.

The result is a social platform that is fully functional and yet utterly useless. My goal: to build the Goat Simulator of social networks.

"Why?" you ask? It was raining on a Sunday afternoon and I didn't want to clean the garage. It's as simple as that.

Check out the promo video I produced for a similarly unaccountable reason.

Timeframe: July 2015


I originally built the production system database at Bennett Innovations back in the 90's using MS Access of all things

Since then, the beast gas grown
to include media library, time reporting, invoicing, and scheduling, and along with that it's gone through three distinct rebuilds in that time.

After noodling around with a massive update for six months, Version 4 (v4) came out this week. It comes with a much-needed html5 upgrade and lots of ajax-based data entry.

It's not just a pretty face, though. V4 includes countless back-end improvements for speed and future-proofing.

Client: Bennett Innovations
Timeframe: July 2015

"Fast Bookend :15's"

Broadcast product via Bennett Innovation. My role: Writer/editor/effects.

Client: Mr. Quik Home Services
Collaborators: Bennett Innovations
Timeframe: July 2015
Keywords: Video /Editing
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